Achieve IT Delivery Optimization

IPA Group, Corp. is a technology and information solutions company providing a full line of services including networking, application development, internet connectivity, web hosting, web development, maintenance and consulting.

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Networking and Consulting Services by IPA Group

These are our main services

  • Networking
    - Internet & Intranet Security
    - Intranet Strategy & Design
    - Virtual Private Network

  • Connectivity
    - ISDN
    - DSL Full-time, dedicated access
    - T1/T3 Frame Relay
    - T1/T3 Point-to-Point

  • Consulting
    - Where do you begin?
    - What does it cost?
    - Should you have a site?

  • Web hosting
    - Community Servers
    - Dedicated Servers
    - Co-Location

  • Web development
    Your company needs a web site with the best design and the best servises, we have the solution for you...

  • Maintenance
    - INFOplUSA Group provide you with a sure and responsive maintenance...


Our Support

We offer you commercial and technical support 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week. Our business is give you the best services and support.